bokz & Your Profitability

bokz is a programme that has been designed from the ground up with you the dealer in mind. It is a relationship between dealers and Vow that seeks to harness the Dealer’s entrepreneurial skills with Vow’s powerful procurement & logistics resources as well as their marketing expertise.

The relationship is based on a mutual acknowledgement that neither party can succeed without the other.

The goal of the bokz programme is simple – to increase your net profitability by reducing duplication in the supply chain. we are utlising the very latest in technology and we guarantee to deliver growth in your business through our bespoke and tailored marketing activity all managed and supported by the bokz team.

Outcome – Allows you to focus on what you do best, building long and lasting relationships with your customers and increase your net profits guaranteed.

bokz commitment to you means we will deliver:-

  1. Reduced Operational Costs
  2. Enhanced & Increased Marketing
  3. Growth & Business Development
  4. Integrated Business Solutions
  5. Improved Net Profitiability

Through these five key initiatives you will get the business you deserve and believe you should have by focusing on the right things that drive sales. We understand as entrepeneurs you have the creativity, drive and determination to make make things happen, but not always the right tools / systems or processes to help you make a success of those new initiatives you want to launch, at bokz that’s where we come in. We have a team of creative, knowledgeable and talented individuals to help bring further success to your business deserves. So what are you waiting for, talk to the bokz team about how we can help you change your business and create new opportunities for you and your team.